We are excited to announce that Livebase can now transparently deploy and manage databases and applications also on the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise infrastructure.

Livebase lets you draw conceptual data models (as UML diagrams), and turns them into custom, powerful information systems with a rich AJAX user interface and a dedicated MySQL database. Information systems are deployed by default on our cost-effective hosting infrastructure (based in Germany) or (as a premium option) on third-party infrastructures.

Starting from November 7th every Livebase account can be individually configured so that its databases and its applications are automatically and transparently deployed on a dedicated virtual server of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise infrastructure.
In order to make your Livebase account deploy on the IBM Cloud just send us an email specifying which kind of virtual server you need (Copper, Bronze, Silver or Gold). We will reserve the virtual server for you and we’ll connect it to your Livebase account. The extra cost of the virtual server will be added to your Livebase bill.

By choosing the IBM SmartCloud deployment option, you’ll get a 99.9% SLA for all your Livebase applications, and the possibility to install additional custom software on your dedicated hosting server (e.g. Pentaho), directly accessing the databases managed by your Livebase applications.