An interesting white paper from Bloomberg Businessweek Research highlights the importance of agility in , in order to achieve  competitive differentiation.

In fact, approaching cloud-based development with the same process used for desktop based development (i.e. the traditional “code – compile – test – debug – deploy” cycle) does not really fit the need for speed and agility that cloud-computing is supposed to deliver.

Organizations are finding that a cloud-based platform for agile software development provides the speed and  flexibility they need to respond to opportunities and market changes. But this will not happen overnight. To support cloud adoption, enterprise cloud development (ECD) platforms can provide a secure path for managing development and deployment in a hybrid cloud environment.

Livebase unique “pure model-driven” approach, combined with the flexibility to deploy virtually anywhere in the cloud (or at the customer’s premises) brings agility to the next level, allowing developers to create, deliver and maintain complex database solutions up to 10 times faster than coding, and to reuse/integrate them across the enterprise.

Do you have a background in data-modeling or database design? Try the Livebase platform today, and experience the power of conceptual data modeling in the cloud.