ImageFHOSTER has joined a consortium leaded by BOC GmbH and ATOS Spain SA, to file a proposal to the European Commission, answering call  H2020-ICT-2014-1 (Industrial Leadership) of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme.

The proposal is focused on topic ICT-07-2014 (Advanced Cloud Infrastructures and Services) and it aims at creating a platform, named “Cloud-Socket”,  to fill the gap between business needs (defined as business process models) and the cloud services publicly available. In fact, despite the increasing number of “digital natives” now entering the workforce, there is still a huge gap between the business and ICT domains in terms of awareness, common understanding and expertise.

The Cloud-Socket platform basically includes a business-process-modeling environment, a marketplace of public cloud services, and a match-making algorithm using ontology mappings and other techniques to select the best compatible implementations for any  given business process.

In this context, our concept of Cloudlet (i.e. autonomous & reusable piece of cloud service generated automatically from a high-level, conceptual and semantically-rich model) has been embraced by the consortium and has been used in the proposal as a key element of the overall Cloud-Socket concept.

Within the consortium, FHOSTER will provide the model-driven environment allowing developers to easily create semantically-annotated cloud services (i.e. extended cloudlets). The idea is to simplify and democratize  the creation of robust and interoperable cloud services  that the Cloud-Socket platform could natively evaluate and match with business process models.

During the project, should the proposal be accepted, we will extend the Livebase modeling environment and code generator to explicitly (and visually) support business-process-modeling. We will also extend the cloudlet framework to support the OASIS CAMP standard.