We are going to release a major release of the Livebase platform, that will upgrade the entire Livebase production infrastructure. This will be an exceptional upgrade that, due to its complexity, will require a downtime of the modeling and administration environment (Designer and Dashboard) from 8:00 AM CET to 8 PM CET of next monday March 16, 2015.

The upgrade will not involve the cloudlets already running, which will not experience any downtime, so that their final users will be able to use them regularly, until the developer will manually enable their automatic upgrade.

This new Livebase version (3.0) will introduce the support to the OSG standard, which allows to extend more easily the cloudlets with custom plugins (written in Java) than can be upgraded individually without stopping the cloudlet.

We apologize for any inconvenience the downtime might cause, and we hope that you will appreciate some other improvements this release will introduce, like the possibility to clone a class along with all its relations.

The FHOSTER technical support is available for further information and support at Any email sent to this address will automatically open a support ticket on our customer support system. Thanks for your understanding.